Friday, 29 July 2011


Welcome to my first post.

I hope to keep kitten owners to be and other breeder friends up to date with news we may have.

Please be introduced to our gorgeous present litter  
  (sorry but these kittens are now reserved)

                                                             Please contact me on
                                              if you are interested in our future kittens

The proud parents:

Sapphirensteel Lady Tzar Tzar + Alladin Felis Felicis (SK)

      Sapphirensteel Blueberry Kisses (Aziz)                                Sapphirensteel Road to Love (Cassim)
              blue tabby with white                                                              red silver tabby with white                                                         
Sapphirensteel Born This way (Saluk)                                            Sapphirensteel Alejandro (Jafar)
            blue tabbypoint Neva                                                                     red tabby with white
Sapphirensteel Edge of Glory (Jasmine)
blue silver torbie


  1. lovely kittens - looking forward to seeing them grow :) x

  2. hi the new blog x

  3. Carolyn cadwallader13 August 2011 at 16:34

    Hi Dee...nice blog :-) and goes without saying, beautiful kittens!!! x